FAST Protein Shake 250 ml

Laktoosivaba imemaitsev proteiinisheik, millele pole lisatud grammigi suhkrut!


Key features


Lactose-free FAST Protein Shake Milk Choco is a full-bodied milk chocolate-flavored protein shake with no added sugar. The drink contains 21 g of nutritious protein. Enjoy the sheik as a delicious break or support post-workout recovery. The proteins in the drink promote and maintain muscle mass. Along with calcium, it also takes care of bone well-being. Vitamin D in the drink improves the body’s resistance.


Product uses


FAST Protein Shake is stored unopened at room temperature, but tastes best chilled. The product can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days.

The drink is made in Finland and contains at least 92% local ingredients.
FAST Protein Shake is packaged in tetra packaging made mainly of plant materials.

Tetrapackages are sorted into cardboard and cork into plastic.