Olimp caffeine kick 200mg 60 caps

Olimp Caffeine Kick is an anhydrous caffeine capsule that accelerates metabolism and burns fat. Consuming a sufficient dose of caffeine prolongs and increases the intensity of exercise, raises body temperature and stimulates thermogenesis. The product is intended for physically active people.

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The largest available dose on the market of 200mg of pure anhydrous caffeine in one tablet.

The benefits of using Caffeine Kick ?

It enables increased concentration and more power. It allows you to keep more energy in order to solve difficult tasks every day. It allows you to enjoy well-being and puts you in a much better mood.

Carefully selected material, high quality and therefore satisfying the most demanding of customers

Caffeine is a substance with a wide action range. It affects the stimulation of the central nervous system. It also shows excellent thermogenic effect, by significantly accelerating the metabolism rate. It reduces the fatigue level of our muscles and favourably affects their performance during a workout.



– greater concentration for a longer period of time

– more power

– speeds up metabolism

– supports fat burning

– fights fatigue

– better well-being

– better mood


To whom

Anhydrous caffeine has found fans among various social groups. This form of caffeine is favoured by many athletes due to its rapid stimulating action. Additionally, people who need to fight fatigue, such as pupils, students and drivers.

Known for its stimulant properties, accelerating the metabolism and supporting fat burning, physically active people reach for anhydrous caffeine before they start training. Consumption of an adequate caffeine dose has the effect of prolonging and increasing workout intensity, raising the body temperature and stimulating thermogenesis.



Nutritional information:1 capsule
Caffeine200 mg