The Protein Ball Co

Established in 2015, ThE PrOtEiN BaLl Co. has rolled over 180 mIlLiOn bAlLs and counting! We were founded with the simple aim of making healthy snacking easier and more delicious than ever before. Our expertise in the world of nutrition has meant we’ve been able to craft perfectly balanced snacks, which never compromise on taste or texture. Each of our mouth-watering ranges has been carefully handmade with 100% natural ingredients, with a promise to never use artificial or processed produce. Conveniently packaged in grab-and-go size bags, our balls make for the ideal healthy snack no matter your lifestyle, slotting into your morning, afternoon or evening routine with ease.

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Bars / snacks

Low in carbs and sugar, but high in flavour our KETO ball range is perfect for those looking to inject some excitement into their KETO snack draw.

Bars / snacks

High in protein, fibre, nut butters and dates. The High Protein range of four flavours are perfect for between meals or to fuel your active lifestyle.