Leader Outdoor Pasta Carbonara 130g

PLeader hiking food Pasta Carbonara is a delicious and creamy Italian classic that can be conveniently taken on a hike and enjoyed at any time.

61.46 eur/KG
Directions for use

Making hiking pasta is easy: Open the bag completely, pour boiling water up to 9.5 (approx. 3dl) on the scale printed on the inside of the bag. Mix the contents of the bag thoroughly and close the bag. Let the pasta simmer like this for 15 minutes, then open the bag, mix the food again before eating and enjoy!


Ingredients:  Pasta 40% (durum wheat) (EU), skimmed milk powder, fat powder (sunflower oil, glucose syrup, modified starch), cheese powder, cooked bacon piece 8% (EU) (pork, salt, preservative (sodium nitrite), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), spice extracts , beech wood smoke), butter powder, fried onion (onion, sunflower oil), tomato chunk, modified starch, salt, spices (garlic, black pepper), flavoring, antioxidants (α-tocopherol, rosemary extract), preservative (potassium sorbate). May contain traces of soy.
Nutritional value for ready productfor 100Gfor 430G
of which saturated2.4g10g
of which sugar3.2g14g