10. July 2018

Majority of swimmers have their first training session early in the morning. It is quite usual that the breakfast eaten before the early session hasn’t yet been digested by the time the session starts. That might also mean that some swimmers skip proper breakfast not to have the heavy feeling in gut during the session. What are the alternatives to pre-swimming breakfast by SiS?

Isotonic gels have been shown to get working within 15-30 minutes of taking and have a peak blood sodium plasma after just 45 minutes, in combination with GO Electrolyte as your pre-swim and during session hydration, this can deliver the fast supply of carbohydrate needed to support performance. Then have protein/carbs in the post-swim recovery nutrition.

Alternatively, if the morning session is an easy recovery swim this could actually be a good time to skip breakfast. Morning training, after an overnight fast, can help to promote fat metabolism and endurance performance. The only downside to this would-be intensity of exercise suffers, so a hard sessions should not be done fasted. In this situation, a SiS caffeine drink 15-20 minutes before the session can provide the mental boost!

A day of swimming competitions goes something like: morning warm up and several starts and distances -> lunch break -> new warm up and intense evening with several starts and distances. Quick and effective fuelling and recovery is crucial. Which SiS products are the key ones to suggest?

  • Isotonic gels can then be used 15-30 minutes before a race as fast-digesting carbohydrate, without the need to be taken with water – minimising the chances of digestion issues and heavy feelings in the gut
  • Drinking fluids little and often throughout the day should promote optimal hydration without having a massive influx of water at once, including Go Hydro will also deliver sodium that is lost in sweat. Sodium promotes fluid absorption and retention, helping to maintain blood plasma volumes
  • Recovery nutrition after the morning session could be REGO shake then carbohydrate based lunch as detailed above. Following the evening session could be the same plan with REGO and a full meal

Longer swimming sessions might last up to 150-180 minutes. What SiS products are the key ones here to suggest?

To ensure sustainable energy supply, products would be easy to consume and that wouldn’t be heavy on the gut and organism. A combination of isotonic / caffeine gels and Go electrolyte should be used to meet the fuelling requirements of 60g of carbohydrate per hour. GO Electrolyte is a good way to deliver fluid and carbs. For a 3-hour swim session you could have 1L of SiS go electrolyte, 2x Isotonic gels and 2x Caffeine gels

Advice provided by Ben Samuels – SiS Performance Nutritionist