Marathon running – nutrition

10. July 2018

When you’ve got a lot going on, it’s not always easy to get the right levels of hydration and energy for training.


In some respects, this can be even more prominent than nutrition during training. You’ll have to get used to back-to-back training days, but minimising muscle damage and encouraging adaptation is the key to ensuring on-going strength and training improvements. For instance, SiS REGO Rapid Recovery should be taken within 30 minutes of completing a mid to long distance run. You can pre-mix the drink and leave it waiting for you in the fridge if you’re likely to forget to use it!

Nutrition During the Day

Many runners, especially those who lead active work lives, are chronically dehydrated. They might not realise it in daily life, but when it comes to sporting performance it really makes a difference. SiS GO Hydro contains precise levels of sodium and other electrolytes to hydrate you better than water, with virtually no calories. As well as being great for shorter periods of exercise, it can liven up your water when at work and encourage you to drink more. Keep a 2L bottle of SiS GO Hydro at your desk and try to get through it before the day is out.

Most runners use the time after work and before dinner to complete their training sessions. But if the last thing you ate was lunch, you’re likely to flag even on shorter runs. Try mid-afternoon snacks or an SiS GO Energy bar on your way home from work to ensure you start your sessions fresh and fuelled.

Marathon training is a lifestyle choice in itself – so make the right choices when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It’s tempting to eat more than you need to because of your training, but instead try to eat meals that are rich in protein.

Fueling on Runs

For shorter sessions, taking water with you might not be practical. But taking on around 400ml of SiS GO Hydro before each run will provide the body with essential electrolytes to help stave off cramp, fatigue and other conditions related to dehydration.

For mid to long sessions, taking fluid with you is a necessity. SiS GO Electrolyte or GO Energy will help sustain your energy levels for longer during more intensive exercise. SiS GO Electrolyte is especially useful in the heat, due to its added electrolytes that replace the salts lost through sweat.

SiS GO Isotonic Gels are easy to carry and deliver much-needed carbohydrate without the need for extra water. Our other gels, such as SiS GO + Caffeine are great for a boost on longer, interval sessions. Try and carry as many gels as you will in the race by wearing a running belt. This will help you prepare and plan your fuelling strategy – it will come down to what is feasible to carry.

And don’t forget our trusty SiS GO Bars; they’re the perfect item to have in your repertoire when you need convenient energy when on the way to training sessions or races.