Football Nutrition: eat like a pro

10. July 2018

Football nutrition is key for top performance on the football field. Make sure you have a well planned nutritional strategy before, during and after a match. For more information, read through the most “Frequently Asked Question” in football nutrition. If you want to get complete overview about football nutrition, then download SiS Football Nutrition Guide.

What is reasonable for the off season in football nutrition?

Off-season & preparation phases for football tend to be focused on building a base and getting ready for the season. We sometimes see reduced carbohydrate intake and under fuelling sessions to drive optimal body composition and training adaptations. During these times your focus would be on hydration and recovery / rebuild. From a product side the most used would be GO Hydro tabs during a session, REGO post session and the whole protein range as protein intake tends to be higher during these periods.

football nutrition

preparations, indoor tournaments and games.

Here we’d see carbohydrate back in the day, specifically around performance. So the re-introduction of Gels / GO Electrolyte to fuel the tournament football. The focus on recovery and protein would continue so to prepare players for the 1st round of games.

Early spring football nutrition.

Back to full fuelling as you’d see during the season, with an increased focus on carbohydrate intake and immune function / health. In cold conditions players tend to burn more carbohydrate & energy so carbohydrate fuelling requirements are higher than on a warmer day. Sweat loss still occurs in cold climates too, so fluids around games would be needed – this could be less than warmer game-days. Monitoring player weight before and after a game can help to guide fluid intake as bodyweight loss during a match usually indicates how much a player has been sweating. Immune function would be a big focus in these conditions with the demands of matches and performance in the cold – you could focus on Immune as a daily hydration strategy for players.

football nutrition

football nutrition – match day

Football nutrition requirements, the following article would be a good one to look through, use and share around

differences between the football nutrition during the season?

You could definitely make a case for differences pre-season and in-season with regards tailored carbohydrate intake depending on the goals of the players. Pre-season is all around getting game ready, so lower carbohydrate requirements with a big focus on recovery and protein. Then in-season the focus switches to carbohydrate fuelling for game-day, recovery and being in an optimal state when starting a game.

Advice provided by Ben Samuels – SiS Performance Nutritionist