Energy gel – how does it work?

10. July 2018

each energy gel is not the same – read carefully, why?

There are a huge range of energy gels out there, but they can all be very different. Some of them use different energy sources, some contain protein, and others are so thick in consistency you struggle to get them down. The consistency of energy gel relates to it’s tonicity. This sounds complicated but it’s really just a measure of the gels concentration. The more concentrated energy gel is, the higher the tonicity level will be. To be isotonic a gel must measure between 290-310 mOsmol/kg.

which energy gel, when

With multiple types of energy gels to choose from, we commonly get asked what type of energy gel you should use and when? So to help, we’ve put together an overview of the different types of energy gels available and when is best to use each during training or competition and in which circumstances.

energy gel