Olimp L-carnitine xplode powder 300g BB

OLIMP L-Carnitine Xplode Powder supplements your diet with L-carnitine, which is enriched with magnesium and vitamin B6!



Olimp L-Carnitine Xplode Powder is a dietary supplement that complements your diet with L-carnitine enriched with magnesium and vitamin B6!

How’s Olimp L-Carnitine Xplode Powder Work?

-L-carnitine is the key element of the final stage of the fat breakdown process. It transports free fatty acids where they eventually oxidize and where the energy accumulated in them is released

-L -carnitine significantly increases the body’s exercise!

Effective oxidation of free fatty acids guarantees that they are not stored as triglycerides and does not increase adipose tissue.

Studies have proven that magnesium supports the normal functioning of the muscles and the nervous system and maintains psychological functions. In addition, magnesium reduces fatigue, keeps teeth and bones healthy and helps to synthesize proteins properly.

Olimp L-Carnitine Xplode Powder contains vitamin B6, which is necessary for the production of hemoglobin and antibodies, and thus increases our immunity.

What are Olymp L-Carnitine Xplode Powder Advantages?

-Very well soluble
-Easily measurable portions
-With a very good taste
-The perfect addition to amino acids before or after training






Mix 1 scoop (3g) with 130ml of water and consume once a day after preparation.

To whom

For anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat.
It is also recommended to use vegetarians as a dietary supplement or those who do not like to swallow capsules or tablets.